Your lovely Team of Creators! Who are we? Why listen to us?! Check us out.



Joe has been around since the mobile release of Unite, and has been studying and nerding on it ever since. He engaged in some tournament play in the early seasons of Unite, but has since reserved himself to more of an analyst role, spending way too many hours of his life studying tourney VODs, interpreting meta developments, and running calculations and formula tests for moveset/build picks. He currently serves as the oldest (and most active, thanks to his boring IT desk job) Meta Advisor in r/unite discord, analyst for marteen's competitive team Griefers United, as well as a member of the contributor team in Mathcord.
Contrary to his blunt nature, he actually doesn't mind being pinged for any and all questions!



marteen is the up an coming jungle expert the competitive scene pretends to not know the name of, but absolutely does. marteen has competed in countless tournaments as captain of his team Griefers United, everything from small community events to UCS world qualifiers! In addition to that, he even runs his own grassroots tournament himself, called Underdunk. marteen has a huge arsenal of Pokemon that he plays and has shown deep understanding of each and every one, both with his pentakills in game as well as his extremely deep write-ups here on



Chunky is yet another very well established competitive player, specialized in the art of supporters and tanks. Chunky has played with (and beaten) just about every big name player out there, and even fills in on some of NA's top teams very regularly. He also (to the surprise of all of us) happens to be an incredible artist, and is the creator of those custom art Pokemon portraits we all love. If you're able to decipher his interestingly funny way of speaking, you'll find a goldmine of cutting edge meta knowledge and interactions not many would have thought of.

Acknowledgements is a huge undertaking, and it couldn't be possible without the invaluable help of the dedicated individuals who generously volunteered their time, energy, and expertise. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to the following:

HUGE THANK YOU to LgD(lgdistaken) for their tireless work on templates, banners, and other art to make this hideous site look somewhat presentable. MVP.


Drain Crown TiredGiant Drain Crown (who probably needs this guide more than anyone.) is responsible for building V.2 of The work he accomplished and response time on all the issues that came with it was nothing short of miracle work and wizardry, and was the driving factor in making this site actually have sturdy legs to stand on, give it features we never even knew were possible, and have its own identity, now and for the foreseeable future. An absolute certified rockstar and we are BEYOND privileged that he chose to step in and assist when he did. He's part of the squad now, anyone messes with him messes with all of us. What he lacks in Unite skills he made up for in web development and he threw this site together in a week and a half, so if anything is broken.... blame him. It's his fault.

We are greatly indebted to the team from the Unite Mathcord for doing the number-crunching and analysis to bring the behind-the-scenes mysteries of Pokémon Unite to the forefront and inform our recommendations here on the site. They also run Unite-DB and their tireless work to provide up to date information on Pokémon data, movesets and scaling. Without them much of our theory crafting would be idle speculation or downright impossible. Also we stole so many of their image assets to make this site. Thanks for all the icons.

And of course to all the trusted players who contributed write-ups and made this collection possible.

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