Playstyle: Brawler and Hypercarry

MOVESET 1 – Hyper Beam Dragon Dance BEST!

Muscle Band Scope Lens Razor Claw  Full Heal

MOVESET 2 Outrage Extreme Speed

Rapid Fire Scarf Weakness Policy Resonant Guard Extreme Speed or Full Heal

Strengths and Weaknesses

MOVESET 1: Beamnite – Dragon Dance + Hyper Beam Dragon Dance
Beamnite Strengths:
+ Extremely well rounded jungler slot that can cover many of a team’s needs in one package.
+ Hyper Beam at max Dragon Dance Dragon Dance stacks is one of the highest damage objective secures in the game, making it an absolute force at early objectives and still a formidable flipper later into the game.
+ A not squishy ADC style character that offers good ranged rip damage with its auto attacks and a powerful burst damage option in Hyper Beam  that can put a huge chunk out of lined up and grouped up teams.
+ A great micro mobility option in Dragon Dance and long distance macro mobility with Draco Impact .
+ Powerful first gank as a Dragonair combined with a level 8 final evolution gives it very well rounded and strong earlygame fighting that keep up against some of the ridiculous level 5 ganks in this meta if you play your cards right.

Beamnite Weaknesses:
– Cannot reach Ray with its autoattacks from the top of pit, limiting its objective flip ability and positioning possibilities if it wants to tap Rayquaza with autos to bait enemies in or build up Dragon Dance  stacks.
– Relies heavily on Dragon Dance stack maintenance for effective Beams  and damage output.
– Damage can sometimes be outshined in higher sustain settings if Dragonite is not ahead in levels or able to maintain Dragon Dance stacks.
– Low range can sometimes be limiting for Dragonite’s ADC playstyle. While it’s quite bulky for that archetype, it also still wants to be avoiding damage when possible.

MOVESET 2: Ragenite – Extreme Speed + Outrage  
Ragenite Strengths:
+ Very high DPS once it’s in range to start swinging at enemies with Outrage .
+ Because of how Outrage is constantly rotating the bonus effects of Dragonite’s different boosted autos through the swings and the inital stomp, there’s a deceptive amount of potential for bursts of self healing, stuns, or big damage.
+ Extreme Speed’s  properties as a sure hit gap close + stun helps augment its stunning ability and lets it provide surprisingly good single target lockdown potential once you get on them.
+ Extreme Speed also refreshes the cooldown of Dragonite’s Multiscale  passive, which will lead to Dragonite having very high uptime on the 30% damage reduction it provides to make it bulkier than its All Arounder class would imply once it gets going.

Ragenite Weaknesses:
– Extreme Speed’s  sure hit properties is also a curse that makes Ragenite have no real way to disengage from close quarters other than using Draco Impact to get away.
– Non Outrage auto attack output is kinda pitiful without Dragon Dance. This makes the Dragonair phase on this set pretty atrocious.
– Has no good means of direct gapclosing without Draco Impact (which is also very flawed) or a battle item if something’s not already in range of Extreme Speed.
– Outrage’s  stomp is only situationally a passable secure when the red boosted auto is up. Otherwise, this set is all rip and no secure which makes solo rip and flip angles risky on this build.

Build + Gameplay

Moveset 1 - Best

Moveset 2


Date Last Updated: May 22, 2024

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