Playstyle: Backliner and Mage / Midliner


 Slick Spoon Energy Amplifier Eject Button


Muscle Band Rapid-Fire Scarf Slick Spoon Eject Button or X-Attack

Strengths and Weaknesses

MOVESET 1: Avalanche + Blizzard (BEST) Avalanche Blizzard

+Blizzard Blizzard provides potent and easily accessible stuns and pushback in its combo combined with Avalanche’s Avalanche wall being an obstacle makes this character extremely difficult to approach directly and an overall strong zoning presence.
+High burst damage overall with generous hitboxes when landing its combo. Snow Globe Snow Globe can skyrocket this burst potential to obscene levels, especially if you manage to get a feasible to get freeze bonus.
Powerful earlygame with a great combination of secure, CC, and auto attacks for that point of time.
+Relatively low cooldowns for how much damage and CC this set offers. 

+Squishy and immobile.
+Can be prone to getting outpoked by some other mages and sniper characters.
+Blizzard Blizzard cannot go over walls, which means that Ninetails cannot effectively play from behind one with this moveset.
+A9 has little to defend itself with when it misses a combo or is caught on cooldowns.   

MOVESET 2: Dazzling Gleam + Aurora Veil Dazzling Gleam Aurora Veil

-Aurora Veil Aurora Veil being able to let you pump out lots of boosted autos gives you moments of solid rip damage and frequent freezes during its window.
-Dazzling Gleam Dazzling Gleam is an easy to use on demand AoE stun for helping your teammates and facilitating your offense.
-Aurora Veil’s Aurora Veil damage reduction properties within its radius can be used to help its teammates survive longer or make itself harder to burst down.
-Powerful earlygame with good secure and fighting, especially considering the attack speed items on this set that makes your auto attack pressure much stronger.

-Relatively low damage output overall after the earlygame for an ADC style attacker, especially in the face of a meta that’s become more bulky and sustain heavy. Even outside those matchups, it’s dependent on a Rapid Fire Scarf Rapid-Fire Scarf proc to be competitive with other attackers.
-While not quite as squishy and immobile as other attackers in practice, it still very much is overall.
-Is pretty much impossible, or very unrealistic to expect to be able to get the bonus damage to frozen enemies with Snow Globe Snow Globe on this set. This loss of freeze bonus potential is also hampered by this set not being as able to slot Energy Amp to shore up non freeze bonus Snow Globes.

Build + Gameplay

Moveset 1 - Best

Moveset 2


Date Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024

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