Playstyle: Assassin and Brawler / Hypercarry

MOVESET 1 – Wicked Blow Throat Chop

Razor Claw Muscle Band  Focus Band or Weakness Policy Eject Button

MOVESET 2 Surging Strikes Liquidation

Razor Claw Muscle Band Charging Charm/Attack Weight Full Heal

Strengths and Weaknesses

Within Pokemon Unite Urshifu is a versatile all-rounder offering the choice between Wicked Blow or Surging Strikes movesets. This lets you pick the best build for your team comp and flex between being a very adept diver with sustain, damage, and snowballing.. or a priority target eliminator with elite objective secure, making the enemy have to prepare for both can definitely complicate their gameplans in a draft setting.

Moveset 1 – Single Strike Style 


+ Wicked Blow  provides fantastic burst damage with an unstoppable chargeup that makes it a premier option for securing objectives or blowing targets up.
+ Ebon Fist’s ebon-fist uppercut variant is one of the best single target shut down tools in the game that provides big damage, TRUE COMBOS INTO WICKED BLOW, resets Wicked Blow’s cooldown and can even go through select unstoppables.
+ All of Darkshifu’s skills have some form of hard CC when you deal damage, making this it surprisingly great at protecting squishies when necessary.
+ Throat Chop’s long dash and boosted autos  having some gapclose makes this character at times surprisingly mobile for what it can do.
+ Between Wicked Blow  charge’s damage reduction and boosted autos auto attack  that gives the Darkshifu a shield, this character when running Focus Band can sometimes offer some very surprising staying power.
+ Its first gank is the freest bees secure of your life and still a very competent fighter if enemy laners don’t respect you.


– Dark bear is heavily susceptible to poke, he has no self healing so he can be whittled down and discouraged from approaching a fight or an objective to secure.
– Excels at eliminating single targets, but struggles to put out big output past that due to having a fair bit of downtime on its big damage.
– Has pretty slow objective rip overall, so it often needs help from a teammate to rip objectives faster if quickly ripping and flipping an objective for Wicked Blow to shine is needed.
– Can be very reliant on Ebon Fist ebon-fist and Eject Button Eject Button to really get stuff done consistently, which can make this character sometimes have trouble if fights don’t get decisively ended from its initial onslaught.

Moveset 2 – Rapid Strike Style


+ Surging Strikes  will unleash a pretty respectable power spike when reaching level 5 after clearing jungle. Very oppressive gank that can wipe or push back lanes hard to start snowballs.
+ Provided you’re weaving in enough boosted autos to have very high uptime, Surging Strikes  enables good early game fighting if you keep your level lead. If not ahead the damage and sustain starts requiring more enemy resources to be burned to really go in.
+ The many dashes of Surging Strikes  enables great outplay potential and at times be a tricky target to pin down in close quarters.
+ On top of the sustain Surging Strikes gets with your boosted attackauto attack , Liquidation can also provide some very clutch shielding for living an illegally long time. The Defense shred is also not insignificant and can help physical teammates rip through enemies quicker and noticeably speeds up your objective rip.

– Arguably the second worst early game of any character in the game. Kubfu is USELESS, relies HEAVILY on first jungle clear otherwise it’s basically a 4v5
– Due to being a combo based melee character, Wetshifu is heavily susceptible to CC. If he is interrupted from weaving his autos and Liquidation in between Surging Strikes he can die very easily.
– Often needs to maintain a level lead to remain an especially strong threat in the lategame against many drafts and falls off notably if it’s behind.

Build + Gameplay

Moveset 1 - Best

Moveset 2


Date Last Updated: Feb 28, 2024

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