Playstyle: Assassin

MOVESET 1 – Volt SwitchDischarge BEST!

Weakness PolicyCharging Charm/Energy Amplifier

MOVESET 2 SparkWild Charge

Weakness+PolicyCharging Charm/Energy Amplifier

Strengths and Weaknesses

Volt Switch + Discharge (BEST)
+ Discharge offers great AoE damage that stays active through CC, and said damage can be applied very consistently and safely thanks to Volt Switch’s  recast letting you escape when things get dicey.
+ Discharge’s  pull properties on paralyzed opponents can potentially make for some very impactful CC, regardless of whether or not you can do the more advanced kidnap plays with it.
+ Plasma Gale  is a powerful sure hit Unite Move with some AoE to add a very nice burst option that can also enhance its own auto attacks in the circle.
+ Great auto attack  scrapping for earlygame fighting in lane. Later into the game, things like Volt Switch and Plasma Gale’s  buffs to autos can further enhance these capabilities.
+ Can have surprisingly good sustain with 10% missing HP healing with boosted autos  and Discharge’s  extra bit of shielding.

– While not bad by any stretch, Volt Switch’s  first gank can be on the underwhelming side compared to a lot of the powerful first ganks currently going on.
– Discharge can sometimes leave something to be desired in terms of raw TTK (time to kill) on squishies without Plasma Gale  unless it has a good level lead on them.
– While Slash can  offer some pretty great damage and CC in the earlygame, it’s also very unreliable and prone to just.. not hitting, which can definitely mess you up sometimes.
– Squishy and vulnerable to getting bursted out.

MOVESET 2: Spark + Wild Charge
+ Wild Charge’s  invincibility, tracking, and damage makes it exceptionally difficult to deal with against teams that play more spread out or when you catch someone isolated.
+ The invincibility frames of Wild Charge  can let you get out of some situations or win some fights completely unscathed.
+ Spark offers   incredible mobility, gapclosing, sticking potential, and at times surprising damage. It’s 3 dashes with auto tracking autos that have some range. There is a lot of plays to be had here.
+ You basically have a move with 3 dashes  , another dash that can give you a ton of invincibility on hit , and an unstoppable Unite Move with high burst damage . There is definitely a higher than average potential to get creative with your outplays and combos.
+ Great auto attack  scrapping during early laning phase, and is still better at it than other speedsters later into the game if it comes down to it.
– Both Spark   and Wild Charge  have very powerful upgrades at levels 11 and 13 that can help offset some of the weaknesses of this set.

– Enemies that walk by close enough to you while you’re in Wild Charge  will end up taking the Wild Charge instead of whatever you were initially targeting. This can severely gimp your damage output and general agency in what targets you can hit with it, which makes the move very unreliable against people that are constantly playing close to each other without Wild Charge+ at 13.
– Wild Charge  needs stacks from hitting Spark   and boosted autos to reach its full damage potential alone. While these can be built up quickly and often aren’t needed to kill a squishy target, it does mean that smart usage of your moves and commitments are needed to make sure you can kill and escape afterwards safely.
– Depending on how things play out, the long cooldowns of both Spark   and Wild Charge  can leave you very vulnerable once they’re both on cooldown if you commit too hard or don’t pick a good spot.
– Wild Charge’s  targeting can sometimes be a bit jank or unpredictable. Not usually an issue, but it’s definitely something that can cost you fights.
– Can have long TTKs without Plasma Gale , which can sometimes give enemy sustain more time to react or heal through Zeraora’s damage.
– Squishy.

Build + Gameplay

Moveset 1 - Best

Moveset 2


Date Last Updated: Jan 5, 2024

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