Playstyle: Assassin

MOVESET 1 – Flower Trick +Trailblaze/Double Team BEST!

Razor Claw Attack Weight Charging Charm/Energy Amplifier  Eject Button or Full Heal

MOVESET 2 – Night Slash Trailblaze

Muscle Band Scope Lens Attack Weight Full Heal

Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Very strong early game secure in Leafage when used in point blank range
+ Able to shred wild farm down with Hone Claws for fast clearing or quickly getting it in secure range for Leafage
+ Maintains very strong secure power with Flower Trick’s high base power and % missing HP execute damage
+ Extremely mobile
+ Very safe and able to play non-committal with baiting out reactions with Double Team and poking with ranged bombs, something very few assassins can say
+ Severely busted passive that can turn a certain failure into a ridiculous invisible outplay and full on teamwipe
+ Very low cooldown Unite move that synergizes very well with said broken passive

– Relatively late power spike with getting first main move at level 6
– Somewhat screwed up by bushes in being unable to apply flower bombs to targets not in vision
– Difficult to disengage or have an exit plan if using Double Team clone swap to go in
– Unable to alter trajectory of Unite move without the use of Eject, leaves you out in the open for a fair bit of time

Flower Team – Flower Trick + Double Team


  • Double Team offers uniquely powerful playmaking and safety that gives Meowscarada the option to safely prod at the enemy team, get vision, and convert that to an opening if needed.
  • Flower Trick’s recast is a powerful burst damage tool, excellent secure, and can sometimes punish people grouping too hard. 
  • A clean Flower Trick combo is also a very fast TTK on squishies or weakened enemies that can leave little time for the enemy to act, especially when aided by Double Team’s stun. It’s also a high damage hit and run even if not killing. 
    • Sprigatito and Floragato’s damage and burst potential on a 4 spike gives this Pokemon a strong earlygame presence. 
    • Double Team’s properties gives it uniquely good matchups into Pokemon that are reliant on sure hits and auto attacks. 
    • Floral Flourish is a low CD ult allows Meowscarada to threaten massive group damage or objective rip for teamfights, which is an uncommon trait for speedsters to have. 
  • Overgrow is a strong passive that expands your playmaking and limit testing potential when its available, or can bail you out of bad situations. 
  • Flower Trick when its the last hit on a player kill resets, giving Meowscarada some chain killing potential for cleaning through weakened teams.



  • Can be teammate reliant on larger teamfights to follow up off its trickery or create higher damage openings for itself. 
  • Even though it’s only one hit, Flower Trick still needs setup to do its damage. This means that the speed of your combos and which combos you can do can become very case-by-case.
  • Squishy without much self sustain in its kit.

Build + Gameplay

Moveset 1 - Best

Moveset 2


Date Last Updated: May 21, 2024

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